CargoCoin and SKYFchain Join Forces...

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CargoCoin and SKYFchain has signed the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and reached an agreement to work on the integration of both blockchain-powered platforms for unmanned logistics.

The platforms are highly complementary to each other – while SKYFchain provides a platform for industrial logistics operations of unmanned cargo vehicles – drones, trucks and ships, CargoCoin offers a paperless solution for the document flow in cargo transportation. SKYFchain deals with unmanned vehicles and CargoCoin takes care of the load, which together is a total autonomous logistics solution.

Users of both platforms will get access to the services and providers on both, doubling the speed of adoption of the unmanned approach.

CEO of CargoCoin Bogomil Alexandrov said: "SKYFChain is a pioneer company in the field of unmanned drone flights and we find their products to be of outstanding quality and technology, which will be a future of transport. We have great expectations for the benefits of this cooperation for both CargoCoin & SKYFchain, together we will shape the future of blockchain based cargo and logistics."

CEO of SKYFchain Alexander Timofeev said: “We are happy to find a reliable partner in the emerging field of blockchain-based logistics. CargoCoin is an industry pioneer and can provide our clients with an easy global service. Together we are offering an end-to-end solution to our customers.”

About SKYFchain
SKYF is a heavy-lifting unmanned aerial carrier vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. It allows the development of different drones with various modifications for diverse tasks ranging from cargo logistics to fire fighting. At present the maximum useful load is 400 kg (880 lbs) and the maximum the flight range is 350 km (220 miles) or up to 8 hours. In 2018 SKYF team launched the spin-off project named SKYFchain which develops the first Business-2-Robots Operating Platform in the cargo logistics industry. SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping and exchanging data of all cargo robots’ operations and transactions. Any action on the Operating Platform has an own price depending on the type, frequency and complexity of transactions and is denominated in a traditional currency. All calculations within SKYFchain will be processed in SKYFT tokens, as required by the smart contract logic.

The first cargo robot to start operations on SKYFchain will be SKYF. SKYF will use SKYFchain to operate hundreds of freighter drones that have already been pre-ordered by the largest oil/gas and logistics companies around the world. SKYFchain is open to any other manufacturers of unmanned drones, including cars and cargo ships. It is also open to logistics providers and financial organizations and has every chance to become a universal tool, a standard for the unmanned logistics industry. Within 5 years, SKYF plans to spend over US $50 million to buy SKYFT tokens on the open crypto-exchange. The funds will be used for the further development of SKYFchain. The SKYFT tokens emission conforms the international legislative regulation of the blockchain and is compliant with the SEC of the USA.

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About CargoCoin
CargoCoin is designed to be a smart contract, crypto currency platform, decentralizing global trade and transport. The platform target is to facilitate and optimize the interaction amongst traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents as well as all other parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes. The platform users experience outlines well-balanced ecosystem based on cutting edge crypto security and frictionless interaction.

CargoCoin objective is to provide a global marketplace environment and utilities for facilitation of trade, transport, exchange of documents and payment options at low cost in real time. The platform architecture is based on the principles of high level of security, transparency, traceability and accountability. It is set up in a way that the participants can take advantage of any part of it alone, or in combination with other sections. It can be used as a very simple platform or as a complex smart contract utility with various payment options. The link between physical trade and transport with online crypto technologies delivers the opportunity for implementation of a large-scale project and allows for further expansion.

CargoCoin platform provides infinite possibilities for added value to the users and the participants. All utilities on the platform operate with CargoCoins. The aim is boosting demand and facilitating the usage of the tokens. CargoCoin Team interest is set in line with the interest of the ICO supporters!

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