Women are Surging Ahead in Crypto Trading...

If you thought the finance sector was a man’s world – think again – as it appears women are surging ahead in crypto trading; or at least taking steps to get noticed in this ever-growing industry. Women are taking more and more of an interest in both trading and the decentralised blockchain technology behind digital assets such as Bitcoin.

A recent survey of crypto traders revealed that 8.5% were women. While these figures may seem low at first, the increased interest in the crypto field from females could see numbers grow in the near future. Interestingly, a meet-up group in New York City called Women in Blockchain boasts an impressive 1,400 members.

The Cryptocurrency Market & Women
The cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly attracting attention from both sexes. While males still largely dominate the sector it must not be forgotten that the concept of crypto trading and the technology behind it is relatively new in terms of mainstream usage and there’s plenty of time for growth. Tech-savvy female entrepreneurs are already shunning venture capital in favour of ICO fund raising techniques showing that women are embracing crypto trends.

While the majority of the crypto trading market is made up of men, there are seemingly very clear reasons behind these statistics. Research conducted over the past several years has revealed that women tend to be more risk-averse than men. This was reaffirmed by research published in Science Daily in September 2017, which stated that women still demonstrate lower risk tolerance with regards to their financial decisions.

According to the research, women have a lower risk appetite largely due to income insecurities with child birth, child care and care giving all contributing to insecurity levels. This helps to explain why the percentage of women in the crypto trading world is small, albeit growing, in comparison to men – after all, the crypto world is highly volatile and nothing is guaranteed. Markets are easily influenced by speculation, rumours, news of regulatory changes and more which leads to huge surges and declines in cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders therefore need to understand their own tolerance to risk.

Benefits for Women Trading Crypto CFDs
When trading CFDs you don’t actually own the underlying asset. This means that exchanges – which have shown to be vulnerable to hacking and theft – are not needed therefore eradicating the insecurities of many traders. All you do when you trade CFDs is speculate on future price movements. This allows you to trade both rising and falling markets, offering the opportunity to make profits from both an increase and decrease in the prices of alt coins – given that you can predict future prices accurately.

The high volatility of the crypto market makes it ideal for short-term traders, offering various opportunities to enter and exit the market. This is another reason why CFDs are ideal for women entering the crypto CFD space. In addition, CFDs are a good option for beginners in crypto trading, since traders can start with small lot sizes and gradually increase investments as they gain experience and knowledge.

Given that statistics show that a large percentage of women crypto traders are beginners, crypto CFDs, therefore, are the best choice for them. FCA-regulated global broker, Blackwell Global, has launched the largest crypto CFD offering in the world, allowing traders to speculate on the price movements of 15 cryptos, along with forex, indices and commodities, all from a single account. The company states that with the prompt and comprehensive customer support offered, crypto CFD traders can access all the help they need, at any point during the trading process.

Blackwell Global has also launched the largest educational portal for crypto CFDs in the world, offering a wide variety of resources, such as seminars, articles and more, for the benefit of traders across all levels of expertise and experience. In addition, with the facility to first open a demo account to learn the ropes before moving onto the live market, along with leverage as high as 400:1, traders have all they need to ensure a satisfying trading experience.

Women are certainly making their mark in every single arena, and the world of cryptocurrency is no different. However, given that this is a new and volatile market, trading CFDs is possibly the best option for women to participate in crypto trading.
Information provided via press release