The world's largest companies are rushing to patent new blockchain tech - here's just some of the things they're working on...

Despite the 2018 bear markets, “institutional money”, a generic term to denote big banks, governments, and corporations, has slowly been making its way into the crypto industry. Although it may be difficult to see on a chart, here are several large companies exploring new patents in blockchain related tech as of July 2018.

Mastercard International
Blockchain powered payment card verification system.

Alibaba Group
Adjusting account balance on a blockchain.

Cisco Technology Inc.
Decentralized asset tracking for supply chain and inventory management.

Fujitsu Limited
Secure data sharing in a distributed network.

General Electric Company
Distributed manufacturing history.

Moog, Inc.
“Outer Space Digital Logistics System”: Traceable manufactured parts, 3Dprinting.

Sony Corp
Digital rights management.

Walmart Stores Inc.
Access to locked spaces using cryptographic keys.
Medical records stored on a blockchain, and obtaining them from a wearable device
Registration-Based User-Interface Architecture
Payment sharing system for vendors

International Business Machines Corporation
Shelf-life management for food products
“Blockchain Gaming”
Verifying news on a blockchain.

This is only a small sample of current blockchain applications. Also, It’s important to note that
these are only patents; they don’t necessarily prove development. However, it is evidence that
businesses are placing bets, or at least hedging, on a future of blockchain.
Author: Jeffrey Byron
Los Angeles News Desk