Hedge fund Billionaire who took a $200 Million taxpayer bailout in 2008, is mad young people prefer crypto to stocks...

"I still scratch my head" about bitcoin says Citadel's Ken Griffin, he then went on to explain how disappointed he is that young investors are turning to cryptocurrency, instead of the traditional markets he once helped crash.

Griffin founded Citadel in 1990. The investor has a net worth of $9 billion according to Forbes and his hedge fund now manages more than $30 billion in assets.

But why are we even asking for opinions from a CEO who basically had to panhandle taxpayers to save him from his own blunders? According to Business Insider:

"Ken Griffin's Citadel Investment group and Paloma Partner's were securities lending counterparties of AIG's. They lent securities to AIG, which it then lent out to others to be shorted....

Citadel and Paloma Securities received $200 million of taxpayer dollars each...."

You don't get to play dumb in 2008 and then expect your opinions to matter to us 2018.
Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk