Surprising study of 4000+ ICO results show the average investor is making HUGE profits...

I have to admit - this one caught me off guard. Perhaps it's my position within the cryptocurrency world as a member of the press, and even I got caught up in all the wild stories of  "ICO scams".

The scams do indeed take over the headlines -  after covering so many I was starting to view ICO's as "generally risky" - which is funny because I participate in at least a couple every month, and my overall results have been more than satisfactory.  Maybe I was thinking I was just good at choosing them, but maybe i'm not - because now we're seeing that generally most people are having very positive results with ICO investing!

An in-depth 54 page study just released by Boston business school Boston College Carroll School Of Management shows us that the ICO investment world is THRIVING!

The study included 4003 ICO's which combined raised over $12 billion, and followed their results, from fundraising, to the launch of their tokens hitting the marketplace.

Check out some of these result highlights for the average investor:

"Average returns of 179% from the ICO price to the first day’s opening market price, over a holding period that averages just 16 days."

"ICOs that don’t list their tokens within 60 days and adjusting for the returns of the asset class, the representative ICO investor earns 82%."

"After trading begins, tokens continue to appreciate in price, generating average buy-and-hold abnormal returns of 48% in the first 30 trading days."

The study found even more good news for the cryptocurrency world - among the ICO's in their study, there were of course a few bad apples.  But those bad apples that ended up being 'scams' also tended to raise much less money.  A sign that investors are getting smarter, spotting red flags, and avoiding bad projects.

It's easy to get caught up in all the stories of ICO's gone bad, but the real data indicates a generally healthy market that's getting even better - and a very bright future ahead!

The full study can be read here.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk