EOS Mainnet is here - 3 exciting airdrops that you may have overlooked!

June 2nd marked the day of the EOS mainnet launch, and with it came a snapshot for many tokens to be airdropped to its users. If you aren’t an EOS holder yet and feel like you’ve missed out on this opportunity, you’re in luck. You still have an chance to get your hands on some EOS mainnet coins before these tokens are released to the EOS community later this year. Here are a few to look forward to that aren’t being talked about enough.

EOS Cafe - A decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) dedicated to sharing ideas about the EOS platform. Community owned and operated, the block producer team plans have local meetups throughout the world in coffee shops where people can gather and make their wildest blockchain ideas come true. They will organize hackathons, investment seminars, and other collaborations to benefit the EOS community.

Airdrop date: sometime in June 2018

Snapshot date: to be determined.


Hirevibes: A decentralized app to bring crowdsourced job hunting to its users. There are many new blockchain based employment apps, but this should be one of the largest. They will offer
payment of 5% just for signing up and referring others, so it is sure to be one of the most popular as well. Job seekers and businesses both can enjoy maximum efficiency while earning more and giving back to the community.

Airdrop date: sometime in Q3, 2018

Snapshot date: to be determined.


IRYO Netowrk: The first participatory healthcare network on the blockchain. Decentralising access to medical date, IRYO used big data research and machine learning to the test while
preserving privacy issues with the use of zero-knowledge encryption. Rest assured that your information is both secure and easily accessible through this next-gen healthcare solution. Airdrop date: sometime in Q3, 2018

Snapshot date: to be determined.

Author: Jeffrey Byron
Los Angeles News Desk