A Portfolio for All: The Makeafolio ICO...

Mainstream adoption of is arguably still a few years out. While the innovation may be among us, hypothetical use-cases abound from distributed applications to smart payment methods. Considering everything, what is your crypto use-case?

You may be a tech enthusiast, a dApp dev, or an online merchant. Regardless, you are stuck in a world where speculation is king, and you must pay your dues to the most volatile asset class in the world. Most users don’t want to spend their precious crypto and most sellers can’t afford to gamble on fluctuating prices. Suffice to say, crypto is mainly an investor’s game at the moment.

For a noob, it’s a lot to wrap your head around. How to manage a portfolio to maximize your return, how to keep up with current news and trends, track prices, setup esoteric wallets and deal with the erratic world of crypto social media. If speculation is to be our stepping stone to mass adoption, we will need a fast and easy way for the average person to get up-to-speed...without losing too much in value.

Makeafolio is a new Ethereum powered ICO devoted to introducing investors to the world of cryptocurrency. Essentially, it’s a portfolio-building tool. As a service, they offer a bit more. It includes user-friendly software for choosing and tracking assets, analysis of price action and buy/sell indicators, and even social features that allow the user to get the help from others in the community.

The token for the Makeafolio app is MAF. Send Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, which is converted into MAF tokens and used to purchase cryptos of your choice. Once you have your selection in place, one press of a button creates a portfolio with visual representation and analytics.

Track your portfolio performance and even place on the MAF leaderboard to “compete” with other users, or just to get feedback on how other users are investing. You can even quick-copy an existing portfolio form one of the top performers for your own use.

The platform includes a service called MAF-Pay, a simple tool for verifying withdrawals and payments to avoid common mistakes. When you want to send crypto out of your MAF wallet, the app automatically sends a negligible amount to the receiving address for confirmation before transferring larger funds. In theory this will help avoid wrong addresses and lost funds.

Each user will have his own profile page within the MAF-Social feature, a facebook-inspired social media application designed for sharing portfolio attributes and tips. Each profile will be
customizable to allow for more expression and creativity within the network. A guided feedback section is referred to as MAF-Mentor Program, where MAF-Pupils can learn from more experienced investors.

While Makeafolio may not appeal to more seasoned crypto traders and investors, there’s no debate that this kind of user-friendly exposure is sorely needed within the community. Apps like this clear the path for newcomers who would otherwise tread with caution and trepidation. Most new potential investors get cold feet, especially when prices are falling. So even if you aren’t looking for a new portfolio management tool, this could be an ICO worth keeping an eye on as it could see positive growth.

The token sale begins on July 1st 2018 and ends September 4th. A 30% bonus will be awarded to pre-sale buyers.

For more information, visit https://www.makeafolio.com

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Author: Vincent Russo
Los Angeles News Desk