Traders from the FIAT currency exchange world launch a hedge fund for crypto...

The group behind the project have been players in the currency trading world for over a decade - that is, FIAT currency. Which works similar to how a cryptocurrency day trader plays the market, except they're trading based on the fluctuating value of various nation's official currencies around the world. 

The company was founded in 2008 when the three founders who were successfully trading on their own formed a partnership, the success of that partnership then brought them to open a fund to allow outside investments to join in. Now they're applying what they've learned, and the tech they've built to the cryptocurrency markets.

In the world of traditional currency trading, and unlike the stock market - volatility is actually desired. Success comes down to the tools used to analyze when a currency's value will rise or fall, and the ability to direct or withdraw funds in response at rapid speed. To accomplish this Countinghouse will apply 'mathematical risk management' and application of 'algorithmic trading' methods to the cryptocurrency market.

"CountinghouseFund is an already-established foreign exchange direct hedge fund which uses coded algorithms and mathematical techniques to force profit from volatility and movement in the market. We are raising capital for a new fund in order to apply our existing techniques to the world of cryptocurrency, which shows greater volatility than fiat currency exchange." explains the company.

Another advantage of applying their existing tech and algorythims from the FIAT market to the cryptocurrency market - they're not raising funds to launch a business and hire coders with the hopes of eventually having a product.  The product and tech already exists - so the majority of funds raised is earmarked to be directly put to use on the markets.

While risk should always be considered high in the cryptocurrency markets or any emerging tech sector, some of these risks can me mitigated if a fund is properly managed - through hedged investments made to offset unforeseen losses.  This is something Countinghouse has done in their traditional FIAT market investments, and if they can master their algorithms to perform in the extra-volatile cryptocurrency marketplace, this could end up being an extremely strong player in the field.

They've kick started their cryptocurrency play by reaching out to their existing cliental of traditional investors, with the ICO raising $4 million in token sales before even opening to the public.

The public presale is live now, learn more at
Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk