This cryptocurrency investment scam showed Prince Charles as a happy customer!

What better day to share this story than today, as the UK and it's royal family make headlines around the world for the royal wedding?

A company offering insane returns for those willing to invest Bitcoin or Ethereum called "Wind World Coin" seems to have simply scanned the web for random photos for their testimonial section - and ended up publishing this photo of Prince Charles...

Beyond ridiculous photos - the 'testimonials' themselves were also screaming "scam!" with quotes like:

"I invested 4 BTC at Thursday and I received 8 BTC at Friday."

In a twist of irony, in their own sites FAQ section the response to the question "Can you trust us?" they answer:

"We believe frauds and scam harms bitcoin as a whole and we are firm believers it will be a success in the long run. We have strong moral values and would never steal or cheat anyone."

While we can enjoy a good laugh at a scam executed so poorly, those responsible aren't laughing - the Texas SEC has ordered the operation shut down, calling it fraud. They are now under investigation, and charges against it's creators could follow.

The site is now down for 'maintenance'. But we suspect it isn't coming back.
Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk