The Zero Carbon Project: Offering an immediate solution to the new-energy markets...

Regardless of your view on climate change, there’s no denying that energy is a scarce resource and we need to get smart about how to harness and distribute it in the future. Renewable energy is becoming more and more popular. Electric cars populate our highways while solar and wind farms will eventually lead to more efficiency and conservation.

For the average household, “going green” is a luxury. It’s expensive and inconvenient to switch to renewables-only or solar power. There’s debate over the best products and services. The markets are stifled. Think about it: how many alternatives to your electricity provider did you see in the last month? Truth is, most new-energy farms are still years away from implementation and delivery. Very few offer solutions that can be put to use right now, at this moment.

While there are several cryptocurrencies trying to tackle the energy crisis, most are still in the nascent stages of development. Enter The Zero Carbon Project: an ICO built from the ground- up to be the catalyst for an emerging energy marketplace, ready for immediate deployment. The Zero Carbon Project aims to grow competition among energy providers and give rewards to consumers. Wrap the entire system in an Ethereum-based token and call it Energis (NRG).

Average consumers receive NRG tokens for participating. The tokens can be traded or exchanged in a speculative market, and re-purchased and distributed by the energy companies. Energy suppliers will list offers of zero carbon energy contracts. Energy consumers access the market to assess cost savings from those offers and select their preferred contracts. Energy contracts are executed outside the system.

With this smart-contract- based market, The Zero Carbon Project believes they can beat current prices of both renewable and fossil fuels, all while making it easier and more cost effective for the consumer.

While the ICO and concept is new, the company behind it is no stranger to energy solutions. Beond, the parent company, has years of experience consulting for over 600 major institutions. The Energi ICO may be the first step into the world of blockchain solutions, but new investors can have confidence in the fact that Beond has been in the “new energy” business a long time.

Their roadmap is ambitious and still contains many unknowns. By 2019 they project to have a base of over 30,000 clients worldwide, while their initial implementation will only be in the UK and Australia. They plan to include parts of the United States by Q4 of 2018. Competitors in the crypto space include Power Ledger and WePower, but the Zero Carbon Project sees an opportunity to outpace these projects by having a system ready to deploy immediately, while other notable energy-related crypto have more long-term goals. They don’t specify which energy providers they plan to work with; and it would be great to see some details about this in the near future.

They appear to have a small but adequate team. Most outstanding is their relationship to Bok Khoo of Bok Consulting, known for the Ethereum token design for big names such as FunFair, Bluezelle, Simple Token, among other popular cryptos. AmaZix, their community engagement partner, has helped launch ICOs for Bancor, WePower, and several other successful projects.

The issue of energy, power, and electricity is a big one in the world of cryptocurrency. Perhaps the most viable concern about Bitcoin’s future comes down to the environmental sustainability of the mining process. Many cryptos are converting to Proof of Stake consensus algorithms to address this problem. Regardless, it’s important that we bring this emerging communications and payment technology to the industries and issues that need it the most: our planet and the generations to come.

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Author: Vincent Russo
Los Angeles News Desk