Cryptocarz - a high-performance ERC721 game for car enthusiasts and collectors...

Thus far in crypto, there have been few concepts that stretch the use of blockchain more than digital assets. Some of these projects might seem like a joke or even a problem, like Cryptokitties, the infamous trading game that bottlenecked the Ethereum network last year. However trivial the game may seem, it did address distributed intellectual property in a novel way. More importantly, it showed there was a strong demand for these new and abstract use-cases. Ethereum development teams have recently created the ERC721 token specifically for this type of media, what is now called a non-fungible token (NFT). This token is a new standard in distributed property and sure to be a hit in the gaming, VR, and trading communities.

These elements and more come together in a new ICO brought to you by Blockchain Studios. Cryptocarz is a multiplayer, virtual reality-enabled experience created using the Ethereum blockchain and ERC721 standard token. A project for collectors, car enthusiasts, and gamers ready for a truly 21st century experience.

To play Cryptocarz, all you do is load a specific set car assets into the game from a wallet like Metamask, which stores the NFTs. Keep, control, and modify your own cars, just like you would in the physical world. Race against other users in a fast-paced, VR- enabled, multiplayer game. The initial cars available will represent the top 20 cryptos on the market. Each model will be unique in assets, hard coded into the specific ERC721 contract.

In the case of this particular ICO, the tokens are distributed on the Ethereum blockchain, but the game itself is controlled by the developers. This gives a modest amount of control to the users to trade, buy, and sell as they please, but gives Cryptocarz ease of updates and changes. So the game should be ready to play quickly and without the bugs that often slow the development of dapp tokens. This isn’t your ordinary racing game. There are several layers of gameplay and they all sound well thought-out. According to Blockchain Studios:

“The core game asset build phase is where we create the various models, effects and interface design that will be put into the gameplay environment. There are four key components to this phase: modelling, animation effects, components and marketplace.”

And that’s just the design portion, so expect the actual racing game to have all the detail you’d expect, with intense animation and the ability to play in VR mode.

The road map looks thorough and ambitious as usual. The goal is to have a partially functional gameplay and marketplace within 3 months of launch. Online multi-player worldwide competitions within 8 months. It may be a longshot, but they also plan to port the game to various consoles, including Steam and Playstation. Initially they will store non smart-contract data (like car graphics) on a central server, but eventually move to a distributed network like IPFS (Interplanetary File System).

The team is unique in that it is a joint venture between established partners in their respective fields: Active Genes, Diginex and Shadow Factory. Each partner brings something unique to the table from their previous experience. It’s refreshing to see this kind of detail put into practice.

ICO token details are forthcoming. To get a sneak-peak at some of the visuals, check them out at and see their “Drive Paper” for more details.

Author: Vincent Russo
Los Angeles News Desk