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You may not have heard of the WellSpring platform, but the WellSpring team has already been successfully helping 20 blockchain projects based in China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, with marketing and community building. Wellspring team is now expanding throughout the world and currently covers 14 countries in Asia, Europe, and America. What WellSpring is trying to build, is an efficient and transparent global blockchain community.

Why is it hard to build a global community?

- Language Barrier.
English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are the main languages that blockchain projects wish to cover. It is important to have frequent and accurate translations of the project announcements and newsletters. However, lacking professional translators and the cultural barrier made it an uneasy

- Community Formation.
Managing and expanding the community is vital for blockchain projects. Different communities have distinct social media channels and reading habits, which made it tedious to open accounts and maintain active for each social media platform. Recruiting qualified community managers are
costly and time-consuming as well.

- It is not easy for investors to make investment decisions as well.
Segmented Information - for investors, getting information is the initial and the most important thing when investing in any blockchain projects. A good investment decision depends highly on if investors could obtain real and up-to- date information. While digging comprehensive information costs a lot of time and there's no guarantee that you have not missed the key information.

What WellSpring Wants to Achieve?

WellSpring is building a multi-language community service platform integrating up-to- date and official information from all the high-quality blockchain projects. By bridging projects and investors, WellSpring would bring more liquidity and transparency to the crypto market. The first release of WellSpring platform (V1.0) aims at assisting blockchain projects in global community management including:

⁃ community formation
⁃ content creation and distribution
⁃ bounty programs

The WellSpring app will be released in April and the future versions will cover more functions such
as wallet account creation, market data lookup and digital assets trading.

Is there a token mechanism for the WellSpring platform?
Yes, there is! WELL is the native token on the WellSpring platform and it is created for paying the service fee on the WellSpring platform. WELL will be required for content translation, recruiting community managers and attracting talents to participate in the project's community. In the future, WELL will be used for cryptocurrency trading and investment rewarding with more functions being added to the platform.

WellSpring has positioned itself to become the bridge between blockchain projects and the global communities. Wellspring would like to work with all the blockchain enthusiasts and contribute together to establish a global community with full transparency and efficiency.

For more insights be sure to check out Wellspring via:
Telegram: @WellSpringofficial
Email: admin@wellspring.vip

Spectra Ventures & Advisory is the exclusive investor of Wellspring at the earliest stage. We are
blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting company under the Spectra Group. We bring our
enriched experience across industries and countries to practice professional advisory services for
clients around the world.

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Iris Zhang, Founding partner of Spectra Ventures & Advisory

Information provided via press release. 

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