The DUMBEST stunt ever pulled in crypto - why 'SaveDroid ICO' tricked investors into thinking they STOLE $50 Million...

Easily the dumbest thing a 'legitimate' ICO has ever done.  Read the full story here on what they did to fool their own investors into thinking their money was stolen - and let them keep thinking that for a full day!

Now, they just posted this video below - watch the CEO explain (poorly) how it was his way to make some kind of point...

While we're glad this wasn't the worst outcome (the money actually being stolen) in my opinion this is the sign of a deeply mismanaged company.

A CEO with a horrible idea - and a team that either didn't speak up to say so, or were ignored when they did. 

Everyone knows ICO's can steal or pull off an exit scam - no one wants or needs stupid tricks like this to remind us.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk