How a blockchain based open gaming platform can benefit the entire gaming world - from players to developers...

I think the first time I ever heard the word "token" was as child in a video game arcade, and even as real world arcades have mostly been phased out, the token model has remained standard in gaming ever since, even new games for mobile devices commonly use 'virtual tokens' of one kind or another as their in-game currency.

Yumerium however, believes a token can drive the entire industry.  From incentivizing players, to empowering developers.

The company behind it all isn't new to the gaming industry, their parent company Subdream Studios has multiple games out for mobile and web platforms, as well as owning 29+  virtual reality arcade locations in South Korea though their partners VR Plus.

Currently, the top two ways people discover a game is word of mouth from a friend they know, and secondly from someone they follow online. So the idea is simple - if you love the game, and spread the word - the player should be rewarded. This is how to build a proactive community of gamers - by giving strong incentives for bringing in new users.

Game developers signing up to the platform are first given a “Seeding Fund” - these are tokens they can distribute as rewards to players who try the game, or share the game on social media, or put up a YouTube video, etc. This can create a community easily, if a player likes one game that uses YUM tokens, they can earn more by trying out other games that use the YUM token as well. It's a way to developers to launch their game and quickly draw new players in.

Another key feature to the platform that will draw developers in - crowdfunding. Crowdfunding games isn't new, over 2000 were crowdfunded just though kickstarter in 2016, and half of those brought in over $500,000.  Moving this model over to cryptocurrency means lower transaction costs so more goes towards actually making the game, as well as instant access to funds for the developers.

"Blockchain and smart contract technology is opening up a new era of gaming by giving gamers chance to earn game  token by participating in games. The game token can be used for buying game money for any game that gamers want  to play or buy game items. This will make gamers even more engaged and bring more fun to gaming experience!   We have a track record of leading the evolution of gaming business model from “pay-to-play" to “free-to-play” with  GalaNet which ran the first free-to-play game publisher gPotato in US. Now, we are leading the next revolution to  “earn-to-play” model with team of experts and groundbreaking block chain and smart contract technology." Yumerium explains.

It will all begin Q3 of this year with the launch of their anticipated game "CryptoMine" which will be the first native Yumerium supported game, on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and web. After using this as a test run, the platform then opens to developers around the world.

The public presale ICO for YUM tokens begins May 23rd, for more information visit

Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk