Did the Savedroid ICO just run off with $50 million?

*UPDATE* - This was all an idiotic stunt - full story here.

 - (9:16pm PST/San Francisco) - We have been in contact with a senior adviser from SaveDroid.  He has confirmed that none of the advisers have been able to reach the CEO since this story began.

Here's what's known so far...

German-based ICO "Savedroid" wrapped up their ICO on March 9th raising $50 million dollars.    They then stated their token was set to be listed on HitBTC, IDEX and Bancor - and that was the last update given to participants.

Until today, when the tweet above was sent out from the founder, implying he is running off with the cash, that can be viewed here.

Their homepage https://ico.savedroid.com has been deleted only to show this image:

It's important to note at this early phase - ICO's have been a prime target for hacks. A keylogger/trojan on the founders computer could explain how everything could have been hijacked at once.  The image used in the tweet could very well be an old one, as the company has been traveling and attending cryptocurrency and blockchain themed conferences around the world.

Also not rare these days - ICO scams.  So anything is possible.

We're following the story for further developments.
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk