Career Development in the Modern Age: How the Skyllz ICO is out to replace the resume...

Technology is a wonderful thing, but work availability in the future is on the minds of many. With automation devouring jobs, alternative education becoming more popular, and networks like LinkedIn as hubs of employment, it’s clear we will soon need an integrated system of skill- building and career development.

In comes Skyllz (pronounced like “sky”). Skyllz was born to solve the problems like commoditization of degrees, increasing skill gap, and inefficiency of the current methods of tracking work experience. Imagine never needing to write a resume again. Imagine acquiring a skill and immediately finding a job suited to it, all on the Ethereum blockchain.

Skyllz calls their system “Proof of Skills”. Applications built on the platform will help users either get the education they need (i.e. via online courses) or validate the skills they already have. The application is a ledger of meritocracy. It is open source, public, and distributed. In other words, Skyllz creates and tracks a footprint of one’s education, work history, and merits, just like a resume, but on the blockchain.

The Ethereum based Skyllz Token (SKT) has a fixed supply and will work as a unit of account. This will allow users to validate and certify all relevant skill information. Users can use the tokens to participate in challenges, validations, or to boost their skills.

SKT will work as the main fuel for a deeper concept, The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP). Using the SDP, users may be rewarded SKT for “exceptional quality or performance”, and they can be exchanged for other apps on the platform, such as online Udemy courses, Workkola challenges, or premium LinkdIn services.

As you can see, Skyllz is much more than just a ledger of CVs. They provides an entire ecosystem of merit and education. They host applications, locally referred to as STapps, that
run special services on the platform. The first STapp to be created is called Workkola. Workkola works specifically with digitally-skilled students of higher education to test, debug, and standardize parts of the SKT and SDP systems. Workkola has its own system of education and certification that works within the Skyllz ecosystem.

Is Skyllz ready to be used? The Workkola application is online and running as we speak. In fact, their metrics show major potential for growth and adoption of STKs and the SDP between 2019 and 2020. Of course, this is hypothetical info, but it’s still impressive that they have a working application on the platform, not just a proof-of- concept.

As stated in the whitepaper:
“The team understands that Skyllz needs to put humans in the very center of its solution, building from the problem to the product, and not the opposite”.

In this regard, they are dedicated to offering user interface (UXI) solutions that the average person can understand. As any cryptocurrency enthusiast knows, this is one critical aspect that is lacking. Having a team prepared to take on this challenge will undoubtedly improve their visibility.

The alpha for Skyllz was created in 2015 in Boston, MA and the Workkola app launched in 2016, so the team is well seasoned. The Skyllz ICO whitelist is open for pre-sale to accredited investors only starting in February 2018.

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Author: Jeffrey Byron
Los Angeles News Desk