Revolutionizing the way we travel - a look at the crypto-powered Cool Cousin...

For the younger generations raised online, a "travel agent" sounds like something only our grandparents talk about.  We browse online, we compare prices online, and we book online - all without having to speak to another human.

That's great and all, but we also know the problems that have come with it.  If you've ever ended up eating somewhere Yelp users swore was fantastic...and wasn't.  Or worse, booked a few nights at a hotel that had decent reviews and photos - but when you got there, figured out they showed the 1 newly renovated room online... and you're not staying in it.

Well, they've figured us out - it's as easy as creating an appealing image online to bring in customers.  In some of the darker corners of the internet, you can find people who can make it happen. Businesses can buy fake reviews and ratings and make a flop look like a hit.

Don't believe me? Check out this Vice News reporter, who just a couple months ago managed to become London's #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor - except he didn't even have a restaurant.  He showed how the system can be manipulated with fake reviews and hype (check that out here).

Now, think about your traveling experience if you're visiting a friend or family member.  Before you book that room or make dinner reservations somewhere, you may shoot them a text message and ask 'how is it?'.

Okay, now imagine if you were able to do this in every city! Connect with a local who has the inside scoop - but unlike those questionable reviews - this person is rewarded for giving you the straight truth.

This is the concept behind Cool Cousin.  Giving you a 'cool cousin' to hit up in every city.

"Using our friendly app, travelers get on-demand city guidance that matches their style and needs, directly from like-minded locals. Once they’ve connected with a Cousin, travelers can directly reach out to them for personalized city guidance. Every month, thousands of travelers contact our Cousins for advice on timing their visit, where they should stay, tickets for special occasions, current events, customized itineraries and more." explains the company.

The idea is to bridge the gap between a generation that does it all online, and the generation that calls a travel guide for help.  Now, you have that real human guide - but in an app, on your phone!

Another plus - while powering the app with blockchain tech and their CUZ (ERC20) token will be new - the app isn't. It's already gotton some big media attention as well, and mentions in The New York Times, Guardian, USA Today, National Geographic and TechCrunch.

Their ICO is live now, and ends on March 15th.  Full info

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk