New partnership positions the KIN token to become a major player in the gaming world...

KIN is the cryptocurrency launched last year by the makers of the popular messaging app Kik.  Lots of excitement surrounded it's ICO - which raised $98 Million dollars.

Since the ICO's end in Sept 2017 there has been a bit of rocky road.  Initially, investors felt in the dark on what the company was up to, and to the KIN teams credit they stepped up their communications with the community and managed to keep interest in the project up - promising big developments and partnerships to come.

Following through on those promises, yesterday they announced a partnership with Unity Technologies, a huge player in the gaming world.  Over a million developers use their 3d gaming engine for producing games on multiple platforms, and implementing KIN as the ecosystem of choice for these games could lead to large-scale use and adoption of the KIN cryptocurrency.

"Our initial partners need to work hand-in-hand with us to create the tools and services that will serve as the foundation of the Kin Ecosystem. With Unity, we get a partner committed to democratizing development, solving hard problems and enabling success, which aligns perfectly with our goal of creating a thriving ecosystem that maximizes the value of Kin for developers." says Dany Fishel, executive vice president of partnerships at Kin.

Unity boasts games and experiences made with Unity were installed more than 24 billion times in the last 12 months - and has partnerships with everyone from Google, to Facebook and Microsoft.

Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk