We spoke with Kala Token's CEO to learn more about their project...

Interview with Darren Olayan, CEO of Symatri, LLC. The innovators behind the Kala Token.

So it seems like the project revolves around two factors that go hand in hand: Tokens easy to earn, and easy to spend. So let's begin there!
- Tell me some of the ways a user can earn Kala tokens.

After the ITO, users can earn Kala tokens by completing activities in our CORE platform, like taking
surveys, testing products or services, downloading apps, playing games, watching videos,
writing reviews, and more. They earn points for each activity they complete, and then will be
able to transfer those points into Kala. In the future, we will be opening CORE to the public
directly through Symatri, rather than solely through our clients.

- Now, walk me through the process of spending them, where a user will do that, and some of the specifics on what can be purchased.

People who own Kala will be able to spend them on our REACH Marketplace later this year. REACH is an online shop stocked with a wide array of products. We will also be adding various services and are currently finalizing partnerships and deals to make REACH even more robust.

- So your pre-ICO round just finished, what's the response been so far?

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now, and the mainstream public is trying to understand it and the
nearly unlimited applications. Kala is something that’s easy to understand, making cryptocurrency even more accessible. Our first round of Kala, priced at $0.01, sold out in 4 hours. Since then we’ve garnered a lot of interest in both the crypto world and outside it. We are currently in Group 2, with Kala priced at $0.02. When that sells out we will automatically move to Group 3 at $0.03/token.

- Tell me a bit about yourself, and the team behind Kala Token.

I was born and raised in San Diego and come from a large family of 11 children. As you can imagine,
raising 11 kids was expensive, so I learned early how to focus, work hard, and be a contributing part of a group. I played rugby and attended business and law school at Brigham Young University. Since then, I’ve been involved in a variety of business ventures, from start-up businesses to being an owner and partner in an equity firm. I’ve also consulted for direct sales and network marketing companies and built international sales teams and networks, among other things. As the CEO of Symatri, I have driven the development and roll out of powerful tools such as CORE and Reach. I would say one of my strengths is the ability to see opportunity and build talented teams to take advantage of market trends. But what inspires me is helping people become successful.

We have a fantastic team behind the Kala Token. We all share the same vision of bringing
cryptocurrency to the people through a complete ecosystem. The team has extensive experience with
start-ups and the unique challenges and flexibility needed when starting a new business, and our
advisory board is stacked with a wealth of knowledge in both the crypto space and business.

You can find out more about the team on our Team Page on kalatoken.io

- So, what’s next? First go into a bit about what you’re doing currently, and give me a couple
milestones you aim to achieve in 2018.

Currently we are focusing on making CORE and REACH even better.
In CORE, we’re working with our current clients and adding future clients to provide more inventory for users. We’re preparing our Retail Rewards portal, where CORE users can earn points back for online shopping through retailers they are already using. Users can also earn points by doing CORE activities, and with Retail Rewards they’ll be able to earn more for simply shopping. Those points can then be transferred into Kala after the ITO closes.

In REACH, we have some potential partnerships and providers that can help us add more products,
services, and value to the marketplace. We’re vetting providers for highly discounted items like what’s found at Overstock, to services such as cell phone plans and discount travel services. What exactly will be available when REACH opens for Kala users is still being determined, but throughout 2018 we will be continuously adding to REACH.

A couple other milestones in the future are: 1) adding Free and Premium Members who can participate in CORE directly through Symatri, rather than through one of our clients, and 2) launching Donee, a platform where nonprofit organizations can use CORE for fundraising.

More information: www.kalatoken.io