Symatri Opens the Door to Earning Cryptocurrency Through Online Shopping...

Lehi, UT—Symatri, LLC, announces a new consumer reward system within its powerful
business-to- consumer CORE platform. Retail Rewards gives members the opportunity to earn
Kala, Symatri’s Ethereum-based crypto token, by simply shopping at their favorite online stores.

Retail Rewards partners with some of the biggest consumer powerhouse companies, including
Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Kohls, Best Buy, Walmart, and hundreds more. It also offers members
incredible deals, online discounts, and user coupons. “Symatri’s goal is to make Kala a
cryptocurrency that everyday people can use, and Retail Rewards will enhance that purpose,”
Reid Tanaka, Symatri President, explains. “Because people shop online almost daily, we are
excited to provide a tool that increases our members ability to purchase items and services they

How Retail Rewards Users Earn Kala
CORE members login to the Retail Reward portal and simply shop like usual among hundreds
of retailers, earning CORE points on every Retail Reward purchase. These points will be in
addition to the ones members can earn through CORE by completing activities like taking
surveys, testing products, downloading apps, etc.

After Kala’s ITO, CORE members will then be able to convert their points into Kala. Once
converted, members will then be able to use Kala to purchase high quality products at discount
prices within Symatri’s REACH digital marketplace.

With the ITO ending March 15, 2018, Kala owners can also take advantage of the fluctuations in
value that is a fundamental characteristic of all cryptocurrencies. Kala will be fungible,
transferable, and is expected to trade on exchanges later this year.

Kala will integrate within an already existing ecosystem with more than 300,000 members in
over 140 countries after the ITO closes, setting it apart from many other cryptocurrency tokens.
For more information on Kala, to view the white paper, or to participate in the ITO, visit

About Symatri, LLC.: Symatri connects the multi-billion- dollar Mobile Apps, Products, and
Service Industry with individuals participating in social media around the world, in a simple and
mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Kala Website:

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