People are falling for some of the dumbest scams we've ever seen...

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I've been sympathetic to victims of cryptocurrency scams in the past. Things like Bitconnect or USI-Tech, and hijacked ICO e-mail lists giving out the wrong wallet addresses - those are things I can see how someone new to cryptocurrency could have innocently become a victim to. 

But the stuff i'm about to show you today gets no pity from me.  If you fell for it, you're an idiot - who will probably lose your money one way or another anyway. 

Here's how they work.  A twitter account with the name and photo of a celebrity basically tweets something along the lines of "send me $100 and i'll send you $1000 back". Yes, it's really this simple.

Check out this tweet from Elon Musk...

And John McAfee has joined in the money giveaways as well...

Even the founder of Ethereum wants to give away Ethereum - all you need to do, is send him some Ethereum...

Earlier today Elon Musk responded to questions asking why there were so many impostor accounts of his, apparently with Twitter totally asleep at the wheel when it comes to terminating them.  Musk says he contacted Twitter's CEO "but it’s still going" he says.

All this would be funny - if they weren't actually working! The wallet that fake Elon Musk is directing people to send Bitcoin to - has nearly $14,000 USD in it now.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk

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