Charlie Lee predicts Litecoin to surpass Bitcoin Cash in value...

Charlie Lee took a jab today on Twitter at Bitcoin Cash.  The "flippening" refers to the high hopes of Ethereum fans - that one day things will flip, making Ethereum #1 and Bitcoin #2.  On that topic Lee says it "will never happen".

But his next sentence is bringing him both applause and hate, depending on where you stand on the topic of Bitcoin Cash.  Stating Litecoin will overtake Bitcoin Cash "this year".

It could actually happen - to be clear, i'm saying 'could' not 'will'.  LiteCoin foundation and independent developers are expanding on LiteCoin's functionality, with an emphasis on real-world use.

At the same time, Bitcoin Cash is facing some real challenges as more exchanges adopt SegWit for Bitcoin (the original) we're expecting Bitcoin transaction times and fees to get even lower than the 4 month low they're at today.  While Bitcoin Cash supporters are some of the most vocal among social media - the reality is it's never performed beyond 10% the amount of transactions as Bitcoin on any given day.

In other words, if Bitcoin addresses it's issues before Bitcoin Cash grabs enough of the market -
there's a real risk it gets left behind and forgotten - and taking just 10% of transaction volume away from Bitcoin, while still impressive, isn't enough to insure it's survival long term against an improving Bitcoin. 

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk