Are you an expert at... almost anything? Share your knowledge, earn crypyo at OnLive...

Learning online has become standard these days - everything from how to play a musical instrument, to earning an actual degree - it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

What still hasn't been perfected is how the marketplace for online learning itself should function. Ask someone where they'd go online to get a tutorial on how to do something, they'll likely say YouTube. But then ask for one where you can ask the teacher questions in real time - you'll see, there's still no 'household name' for interactive learning.

For those producing the content, YouTube has fallen short.  If your aim is to monetize sharing your expert level knowledge in a very specialized field, YouTube's new monetization rules aren't in your favor.  They won't even consider your channel for monetization until you have 10,000 views, totaling 4,000 hours of watch time, and 1000 subscribers.

YouTube's shortcomings could make this a prime time for someone to jump into the market with a better way of doing things, OnLive is hoping that will be them.

From a users viewpoint, using OnLive's marketplace will allow them to search for experts in the field they want to learn more about, or get an expert's opinion on - Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job seeking, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learning, Financial advice, etc - the potential topics are endless.  Then when you find an expert that fits your learning needs, you can schedule to connect live, in HD quality, with interactive chat.

From a service providers viewpoint - you list your knowledge base and experience.  You can offer one on one livesteams, or host a virtual classroom for an unlimited amount of viewers. How you choose to monetize it up to you, i've personally never seen so many options.  You can ask for a flat rate, pay per minute, subscriptions, or for tips from satisified viewers.

Another plus - their token "ONL" is vital to the entire marketplace, OnLive explains:

"ONL token is an integral element of the OnLive Platform. It is used as a fee currency of transmission and transcoding services to incentivise decentralised computing required for the video broadcasts. Furthermore, it is the only payment option on our platform."

The company founder, Chris Rybka is also a great fit for the project, and boasts 17 years in telecommunications, serving on the boards of multiple international telcom companies.

The OnLive ICO is live now at
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk