The "Fan Controlled Football League" of the future, powered by blockchain...

Quite possibly the boldest project in both sports and blockchain technology today - the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL).

At first glance, I thought I was reading about an new fantasy league, or video game - but this will be done with real players, on a real field - with the fans calling the shots.

Everything handed over to the control of the masses - from the hiring and firing of players and coaches, and then calling the plays during the game!

"We’re building a real-life video game. That’s really what the FCFL is, a real-life version of Madden for fans to kind of run and control a real team. So in Madden and every other mobile game and video game people have ever played you collect points or gems or gold — all of these digital things where you’re kind of trying to earn more and with those things you can do more in the game.” says Schrob Farudi, founder and CEO of the FCFL.

The league will consist of 10 teams, and instead of taking place in a traditional stadium setting, it all takes place in a fully decked out production studio indoor field. This allows for an experience that revolves around the home viewer.  There will still be a smaller live audience, 500 to 1000 people.

But for those at home a truely futuristic viewing experience.  The indoor studio envitonment allows for them to produce a show using all modern technology - chipped footballs, biometrics, helment cams and drones.

The next thing I thought was - can they actually pull this off? Well, they already are! They've already spent $2 million dollars putting together the first team, building the studio, and developing the software - things are moving forward for a real Summer 2018 launch of the league!

The test runs caught the eyes of both Sports Illustrated, and Twitch, which are now partners in the project.

So for those of us in the cryptocurency world, the only question is: how do tokens come into play?

The currency is called 'FAN' and is an Ethereum ERC20 based token. Fans can of course buy tokens, or earn them by watching games and interacting - the more tokens you hold the more weight your opinion holds. The more you win the more you earn, and the championship pay-off for the first season is $1 Million dollars, paid out in FAN tokens and split between players, coaches, and the fans who helped call the shots.

Football is just the beginning - the company aims to expand their platform to other sports like soccer, baseball, cricket, and more.

More info on the FCFL and their ICO can be found at

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk