How CoinMetro is out to change how we buy, and manage crypto...

The team behind it first made waves in the world of FX/Forex trading with their FXPIG platform. If you think about it, the foreign currency game isn't too different from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Their FXPIG platform revolved around bringing transparency, ease of use, and of course profits for their clients.

That's already a big plus when looking into an ICO - it's a company applying what they already do best, in a new space.

CoinMetro is jumping in head first - with what can only be described as a full suite of services.

A decentralized exchange built for power trading and promising cutting edge tech, without losing ease of use.  Instant withdraws allowing instant access to your cash when selling cryptocurrencies and a debit card to pair with this. Along with leverage buying with a hefty 1:50 ratio.

Another huge part of their plan - a "vetted ICO marketplace" promising to feature only legitimate ICO's that pass their strict guidelines.

Something else that may interest both experienced investors who like to follow a pro they trust, and new investors who don't know how or have the time do to the research, TAM investing allows investors to put their trust in someone else - a Token Asset Manager.

Controlled though smart contracts a manager creates a token, the investor buys it, and the manager puts the funds to use in the marketplace - profits are then shared under the terms of the smart contract.

CoinMetro really looks like a company that could appeal to, and get a lot of mainstream adoption.  As Wall Street investors have begin to look towards the cryptocurrency markets, these are the kind of services they'll be seeking.

At launch, CoinMetro will support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

CoinMetro's main token sale begins Feb 20th, full info and whitepaper at

Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk