German Chancellor and French President discussed cryptocurrencies last night in private meeting...

The meeting last night in Paris was off the record with no press allowed access and no transcripts provided to the public. However it has been confirmed that cryptocurrencies were among the topics discussed between the two leaders.

Possible future regulations were likely on the agenda, but based on past statements we believe they would be much less drastic ones than what's going on in places like South Korea - instead of discussing banning cryptocurrencies, the EU government's concerns have revolved around properly identifying traders, preventing illegal activity, and making sure they're taxed appropriately.

Another possible topic of discussion - rogue nations like North Korea using cryptocurrencies to evade UN sanctions, which both nations voted for.

There's no reason (so far) to expect any kind of announcement anytime soon, as representatives for the leaders explained the purpose of the meeting was to begin to prepare issues they would like to present at the 2018 G8 Summit - which is still 10 months away in November.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk