Crypto assets managed by artificial intelligence and machine learning - a look at Peculium...

PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform developed specifically to benefit from managing a superior cryptocurrency portfolio with the help of artificial intelligence based decision making.

Peculium also offers a variety of crypto-asset management products for individual users and institutions. Peculium offers products with varying degrees of autonomy over the asset management, which range from completely autonomous (suitable for users and investors) to highly customizable (suitable for professional traders, larger corporations, and brokers who are interested in providing customized plans for their clients). The Peculium platform will allow monitoring and management of crypto-assets in real time.

Peculium harnesses the power of big-data analytics and automated machine learning (AML). Peculium utilizes state-of-the-art risk management algorithms to minimize risks while growing portfolios.

Benefiting from decades of research in the field of automated machine learning and artificial intelligence, Peculium has developed the world's first autonomous crypto-asset management consultant and supervisor AIΞVE, who is designed optimize risk management while adapting
most profitable strategies better than any human being could achieve.

Peculium values transparency of the business decisions. Therefore Peculium operates over the Ethereum blockchain by virtue of smart-contracts. With the combined power of smart-contracts and AIΞVE, Peculium ensures reliability, flexibility, and transparency in crypto-asset management.

Since the advent of the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" in January 2009, the cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially. According to recent estimates, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is approximately $150 billion USD. Although in the last few years, the growth in market capitalization has been anything but spectacular, the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy.

According to the World Bank, global savings have shown consistent growth in recent decades. In the year 2015, the evaluation of global traditional savings was approximately 19,000 billion USD.

Compared to the colossal size of the global market for traditional savings, the cryptocurrency market is immensely undervalued. Considering the groundbreaking utility and global nature of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market presents a tremendous untapped potential for growth.

Peculium's ICO is live now and can be found at

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