An augmented reality ecosystem, powered by blockchain...

Imagine a second version of our planet, another layer if you will where things exist in an augmented reality, on top of our physical world.

Pokemon Go is about as much as the average person may have seen so far of this concept, but Arcona hopes to take this further - way further.

Entire virtual cities built on top of the physical ones we already have. The technology to do it already exists in products like Microsoft's HoloLens and others, and theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney locations are beginning to implement AR into their features, introducing high-end AR to a large audience.

So - this revolution is happening - that's not the question.  The question is: besides multi-million dollar companies creating AR for use in their domains, how can smaller developers, and businesses take part in the AR revolution? What kind of ecosystem can this exist in?

Behold Arcona. A unified platform that will allow developers do buy, hold, and develop AR features on their own land. Picture that park down the street, now imagine buying it in Arcon's virtual world, and being able to develop things on this land that suddenly appear to anyone who puts on an AR headset.

You own this land in the AR world - so your local park could become "Dinosoar park" (lol, wouldn't want to infringe any copyrights but you get what i'm saying).  Now, parents could bring their kids, and their AR headsets and see a T-Rex right in front of them - and since it's all virtual, you can charge an entrence fee!

This is where a token based ecosystem comes in. Users of the Arcona platform will need to spend in a virtual world where you can't hand someone cash, so using a cryptocurrency just makes sense. The use of smart contracts will protect things like land rights, copyright and payments.

Arcon's vision has caught the attention of companies like Google - and they were even awarded a Microsoft Seed Fund Grant.

You can learn more, read their whitepaper, and take part in their ICO which is live now at

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk