VICE News: Bitcoin is worse than Nazi's and rape...

VICE News is having their roughest week of a very rough year.  2017 has seen a turn against the 'edgy' news outlet as their reports slowly morphed into lectures, and the comment sections became virtually entirely people mocking them for it.

But yesterday, following a year of preaching social justice and equality - VICE was exposed by the NY Times for settling a number of sexual harassment claims against them, and making the women sign contracts stating to keep their mouths shut. 

Continuing further down the path of becoming outdated and irrelevant, Mike Kalenderian (@ItsMikeKay) tries his hardest to fit into the "be edgy" instructions VICE gives their staff, by comparing the worst things on the internet in 2017 and awarding the worst.  

Contenders include rapist Harvey Weinstien, Neo-Nazi's, Equifax's data breach - but the WORST according to Mike? Bitcoin!

Maybe the editors are off for the holidays?

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk