Some people absolutely hate Ripple - here's why...

I'll start this post by just being honest - i'm torn on the whole issue personally.  But I think people should hear out all concerns - just understand i'm not endorsing, or disagreeing with any of the thoughts of others I am sharing here.

Now first - in defense of Ripple, I must say - can we be surprised that a cryptocurrency endorsed and used by major banks has popped up?  Absolutely not.  Were people expecting banks say "well, now that cryptocurrency is here, we're clearly not needed!" and just close their doors? That's a fantasy.

I understand this was the wet dream a lot of early cryptocurrency advocates had - some kind of complete overthrow of the powers that be... but let's be real, a dream unlikely to come true.  Don't get me wrong, i'm fully on board with cryptocurrency becoming a massively popular alternative to the big banks though.

Now here's the legitimate question we need to be asking: even if I accept that a company like Ripple would eventually exist (and does) and gain some momentum - do we welcome them with open arms and include them and their investors in the community?

Or, is it more like - "Ripple is over there, with the governments, and bankers"... and we draw a line, and look at them as some outsider, shunned by the cryptocurrency community, and give their supporters the same treatment? Basically, label Ripple and it's supporters the new enemy.

Well, as I said in the opening - I don't know how to proceed from here, but what I do know is i'm always for hearing out dissenting voices. 

If you're new to Global Crypto Press news, before getting mad that i'm only posting things against Ripple below - understand that other reporters from our outlet have already done positive pieces about Ripple, if you missed those that's not my problem.

So, here's some thoughts worth considering:

For those casual investors who aren't on the social networks and forums, and may have just been watching the charts - now you have the full story. 

Everyone may need to decide where they stand soon.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk