Ripple breaks the $2 threshold as it's surge continues! What could happen next?

Two huge milestones today for Ripple (XRP).  First, it dethroned Ethereum to take over the #2 spot in market size, now with a total market cap of over $94 Billion!

Secondly, just over a week after breaking the $1 per coin mark - it's more than doubled again, sitting at $2.44 at time of publishing this post.

An explosion in popularity in the Asian market, as well as new banking partnerships are to credit for the recent rise.

The team behind Ripple still maintains control of a little over 60% of their tokens - valuing the tokens they hold at roughly $136 billion - making the San Francisco based company now the richest startup in Silicon Valley in recent history.

Now, the community is split on two options as to what happens next. 

Could CoinBase/GDAX, America's most popular exchange add Ripple to it's trading platform, once again sending the price soaring upwards? Rumors are flooding every social network - but it's important to remember - CoinBase has said nothing to even hint at it happening. They have said they are adding more coins in 2018 though, and given Ripple's new position at #2, it's probably more likely than ever.

Or,  is a correction coming? They typically happen after an uptick like this, but Ripple has now had 3 of them - without the typical correction following.

This is why Ripple has been possibly the hardest cryptocurrency to predict - lessons we learned from other coins haven't been applicable to Ripple thus far.  Will it keep defying the rules? Or will typical market trends catch up?

All we can do is wait and see!
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk