Odd behavior from CNBC's "fast money" as they troll twitter to promote for Bitcoin Cash...

CNBC's "Fast Money" has taken a recent strange turn, seemingly almost becoming an infomercial for Bitcoin Cash lately. 

Their twitter feed is currently an odd, and abnormal string of Bitcoin Cash hype - 5 tweets in a row at the time of writing this article.
5 Bitcoin Cash tweets, in a row.
When asked why, they tweeted back to one user - "Deal with it" - taking a break from the usual professionalism, and now literally trolling twitter for Bitcoin Cash.

Leave it to internet detectives to find suspicious connections - a man named "Paul Wasensteiner" is the founder of a London's "Bitcoin Cash Meetup" - and his wife is none other than a CNBC employee, Gaby Wasensteiner.  Who can be seen on her little-known Twitter with few followers re-tweeting her husbands Bitcoin Cash plugs ( @gwasensteiner )

To be fair - there's no smoking gun to say there's definitive foul play. But there is enough odd factors to warrant suspicion.

On a lighter note, after the endless promotion, it appears their audience isn't impressed, as 79% voted against Bitcoin Cash in what they're calling a "civil war".

We'll be tuning in to see what they do next.
Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk