NiceHash founders criminal family associations comes to light following today's $62 Million hack...

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Conspiracy theories are flooding Nicehash discussion groups as the criminal past of their CTO and Co-founder's family comes to light. 

Matjaz Skorjanc was arrested in 2010, for money laundering, and creating the "Mariposa botnet" which at one point infected 12.7 million computers - he is the son of the owner of NiceHash.

To top off today's strange events, he's scrubbing the internet for traces of his existence, his LinkIn profile that was active yesterday, is now deleted. A facebook profile active earlier today is also gone.
Matjaz's LinkedIn
Matjaz was also credited for creating the darknet forum "Darkode" - which was eventually raided and lead to over 70 arrests around the globe. 

What's missing from the conspiracy is a clear motive. Nicehash was making good profits, running what seemed to be a legitimate business. But maybe that wasn't enough.

Just a reminder, we're reporting on the speculation that's occurring, at this point, we are not accusing anyone of a crime.

*Article updated 12/7/18 to correctly reflect the family relationship.
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk

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