Fort Knoxster - decentralized, encrypted communications on blockchain...

Fort Knoxster is launching the worlds first blockchain based privacy communications app.

Not just chat, but a whole suite of features -  inbox, voice/video calls, and file transfers. All files and communications are encrypted in the senders browser before they are sent to the servers, where they are then stored in a decentralized storage area.

Decentralization of communications means first, it's harder for hackers to find where the data is to begin with, then once they do - they'll just find fragments instead of a data jackpot.

Something else we like hearing - they have a product before the ICO.  The demo can be seen here and the mobile versions for iPhone and Android go live at the beginning of 2018.

The app will be free with limited features and storage, but pro-users and corperations will want to upgrade to increase storage and gain access to advanced tools. This and user rewards are where their token will be implemented.

Fort Knoxster's pre-sale begins Feb 5th 2018 and more info can be found at

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk