Cryptocurrencies as securities - a look at Cybertrust...

Cybertrust aims to turn Bitcoin into securities, so banks can handle crypto assets without making major changes to their internal IT and security infrastructure.

Currently, banks in many nations cannot purchase Bitcoin for legal and regulatory reasons, because they do not now how to handle assets within their existing systems.

That's where Cybertrust hopes to step in - holding their assets on their behalf, acting as legal custodians of cryptocurrency assets.

Using their token to allow accredited investors to aquite major cryptocurrencies at a much lower rate than the competition, prioritize the broader public as opposed to just institutional investors or professional traders and develop the foundation for future derivative cryptocurrency products.

The timing to launch such a service is ideal, as the banking industry seems to be coming to terms with the fact they won't be able to ignore cryptocurrency much longer.

Cybertust will offer their services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum holdings to start, and aims to expand to over 20.

More info, and their whitepaper can be found at
Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk