BankEx and their plans to put the world on blockchain!

BankEx aims to bring together the worlds of traditional finance and blockchain tech.

This all revolves around the concept of "Inital Smart Asset Offerings" (ISAO). ISAO's open the world of blockchain to traditional brick and mortar businesses - allowing them to tokenize their real world assets.

That means industries you wouldn't typically think of being on blockchain get their chance to jump in, and get the financing that comes with it.  Industries such real estate, natural resources, finances, and even non-profit organizations.

BanxEx has already gained some massive industry support, including Microsoft - which awarded them a $120,000 grant through Microsoft Azure.

The BankEx team is chock-full of experts with a proven track record, including Sergey Sergienko of Chronobank, Sasha Ivanov of Waves, Nehemia Kramer an early advocate of Ethereum, Chris Skinner a leading financial markets strategist, and Peter Cramton Professor of Economics at Maryland University.

BankEx was also recently included in top 50 world fintech startups, has partners in the stock exchange and over 10 banks, leading traditional-assets depositories and is a Silver member of Symphony Foundation.

BankEx raised $1.5 Million in their ICO pre-sale, and their public ICO is now live at
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk