Kala token ICO's first phase sells out in just 4 hours - raising $7.5 Million! Here's why...

The appeal and potential behind Kala is actually quite simple: tokens that are easy to earn, and easy to spend.

The Kala ICO pre-sale began Monday morning, and their first group sold out in just over four HOURS!

750 million Kala tokens were sold at $.01 per token. In a flurry of activity, 1,562 people took
advantage of the presale rate and an impressive $7,500,000 was raised.

Group 2 is now officially launched at $.02 per token. There will be 1.5 billion available in this
group. After group two sells out, the rate will go to $.03. Pre-sales will continue through Nov. 30,
and public sales will open Dec. 1 at 11:00 a.m. MST.

So what’s all the excitement about? Simplicity is the key. To start: it’s very easy to earn Kala tokens after the ITO. Anyone with internet access can earn Kala with Symatri’s unique way of “mining” through Proof of Effort, rather than Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. This makes the token accessible to the masses.

People earn points by completing activities like taking surveys, testing products, downloading apps, etc, through Symatri’s CORE platform, then transfer those points into Kala. There’s no roomful of servers, no expensive buy-in to mining pools. It doesn’t take special knowledge or equipment. In fact, anyone with a computer or smartphone can participate.

Next, unlike many cryptocurrencies which are created for technology or projects that are still being
developed, Kala will integrate within an already existing ecosystem with more than 300,000
members in over 140 countries. Symatri’s CORE platform and marketplace are being used, tested,
and improved before integrating Kala. In fact, people can already participate before the first Kala
Token is even issued.

Finally, what makes any medium of exchange valuable is whether or not owners can use it to for
real world transactions. Kala will have value from the onset, because shortly after issuance Kala
users will be able to purchase discounted products, services, and gift cards through Symatri’s online

Symatri chose to build Kala on the ERC20 specifications of the Ethereum blockchain. This allows Kala to take full advantage of the benefits of the Ethereum network, and will make it easier to add to

After the close of the ICO, the sold tokens will be issued. Those who participate in the ITO will be
ready to use Kala as soon as it’s fully integrated into the Symatri Ecosystem. Kala will be fungible,
transferable, and expected to trade on exchanges. In addition to using Kala to purchase items online at Symatri’s marketplace, Kala owners can take advantage of the fluctuations in value that is a
fundamental characteristic of all cryptocurrencies.

For more information on Kala, the ICO, to sign up for early access, and to view the full white paper, visit https://kalatoken.io/
Information provided by press release.