FBI contacted to investigate ICO that disappeared with investors cash...

The company was called "Confido" and the ICO took place early November though fundraising company TokenLot.

TokenLot says they are now contacting the FBI, after Confido completely disappeared with the money.

The website, and all social media that once existed for the fake company have been deleted, scrubbing the net of all traces it ever existed.

We were able to find an archived shot of what the site once looked like:

While the total stolen was a relatively small $375,000, the cryptocurrency world is rightfully demanding action.  In some online communities, putting their technical skills to work trying to track down who's behind it (no success yet).

A strange final post on their blog, which is now deleted said:

Thanks for always standing by us. We have achieved some incredible things these last two weeks, and the crypto space is beginning to notice us. However, we owe you an apology. Right now, we are in a tight spot, as we are having legal trouble caused by a contract we signed. We signed the contract with assurance from our legal adviser that there was minimal risk and it would not be an issue. I can’t and won’t go into details, but he was wrong. It is a problem.

Confido's pitch was to provide smart-contract based escrow service.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk