Bitcoin Cash is a MESS!

First it pumped, then it dumped, then it kinda pumped again, then it forked.  All within a week.

Let's go ahead and admit, this thing is a mess!

The rumors and finger pointing are intense too.  As the "real Bitcoin" has been bogged down with micro-transactions, many pointed their fingers at the Bitcoin Cash crew - saying it was them trying to make the "real Bitcoin" look bad to make Bitcoin Cash look better, even claims they hired Russian based social media bots/spammers, and bought their own coin to pump the price.

4chan rips apart Bitcoin Cash.
Coinmarketcap 1-week chart.

Now to top it off, the fork... has been forked!?

This tweet from Bitcoin Cash's project manager called it "malicious" - the new currency is being called "Bitcoin Clashic".

So now, there's even fight over what should be the "real Bitcoin Cash"!

Exhaused? Annoyed? Same.

Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk