This family sold their business, home and belongings - and put it all into bitcoin!

Meet the Taihuttu's - a Dutch family of five is betting the house on bitcoin, literally.

In an update posted to their website on Oct 11th, Didi Taihuttu (the father/husband of the family) said:

"We are still in the Netherlands but we are making progress and we love the steps we are taking to a minimalist life and cryptocurrency trading.  Our house is probably sold, most of our luxury products are sold and our chalet had some updates so it’s a bit more livable with 3 kids.  It’s a big adventure and we are enjoying this ride to the fullest."

Didi's bitcoin predictions are bold - he's betting on the price tripling within 5 years. Which is a fairly common prediction...but just about as common as people saying it won't.

“At first my wife doubted the decision, wondering if it was the right decision for our kids—as did my brother and sister. But they are now supportive of the plan." Didi told Newsweek.

In the meantime, they're living the miniminalist lifestyle. Camping, and staying at their small chalet during winters.

Didi says he's holding until 2020.

You can follow their journey on their website and their Instagram page.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk