Fake Coinbase pages on facebook and linkedin are trying to steal cryptocurrency...

Fake pages pretending to be Coinbase have been popping up recently on Facebook, and while many are harmless Coinbase users simply sharing their referral code (Coinbase rewards people $10 for referring a friend) others are much more sinister.

One of our readers, who asked to only be identified as ‘V’ took it upon himself to see what they're up to, and allowed us to share these screen shots...

While this account has been reported and terminated, there's still several active pages claiming to be Coinbase - even the page at www.facebook.com/Coinbase with 96,978 likes has an "unverified" status.

Our investigation uncovered imposters on other networks as well.  This page on LinkedIn is giving out a toll free support number, that does not belong to the real CoinBase. We tried calling and received a voicemail message for someone named "Robert". 

Just a reminder of something everyone should know already, just like with online banking, make sure you get support only from resources you find after carefully typing in the official URL.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk