Litecoin is having an impressive October so far, and more surges expected!

In a time when most of the attention given to "established" cryptocurrencies goes towards Bitcoin or Ethereum, and the "hype of the day" goes to whatever ICO is promising the moon, Litecoin often goes unmentioned. But it shouldn't.

This coin really offers the best of both words - it's established, the tech is sound, and it's still at a price accessible to smaller and newer investors with room to grow.

Surging to $60 yesterday and still hovering at $59.87 at the time of this articles publishing - Litecoin has an impressive $164 million trade volume in the last 24hrs.

While like any cryprocurrency, Litecoin has had it's ups and downs, but compare to the others it's been relatively steady lately with small but consistent gains.

Something else is worth noting - Bitcoin investors are using Litecoin as a method to hedge their bet in the case of a BTC price correction. As Bitcoin climbs higher, Litecoin's stability may provide a safety net.

With many speculating hitting $70 or even $90 in the near future, if it's not part of your portfolio now, do some research and strongly consider it.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk