South Korean citizens rise up to protect their cryptocurrency rights!

South Korean citizens have a full force movement going to protect their cryptocurrency trading rights.

Their online petition has now gathered over 250,000+ signatures, which states in part:

"You think you protect the people, but the people think that the government takes away our dreams." 

They are vowing any politician voting for restrictions against cryptocurrencies won't be re-elected next time they go to the voting booths.

In another strange twist to the story, the Korean government is now saying they may create their own cryptocurrency, speaking to Reuters, Lee Ju-yeol, governor of Bank of Korea said;

 "We have started looking at virtual currency from a long-term standpoint, as central banks could start issuing digital currencies in the future. This sort of research has begun at the Bank of International Settlements and we are part of that research" 

It is estimated roughly 15% of the market value is in the hands of South Korean investors.

South Korea has said they will have an official announcement - possibly as soon as tomorrow!

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk