SALPay partners with Unionbank to offer SALPay 3.0...

Pictured: (left) Judah Z Hirsch – Founder & CEO,Salarium; (right) Paolo Eugene J Baltao – Senior Vice President EON Banking Group, Unionbank of the Philippines.
Salarium Payments Corp (SALPay) has entered into an agreement with Unionbank of the
Philippines to develop a Co-Branded Visa Card Program and to connect to the API suite of the
EON Banking Group.

“We’re excited to be working together with such an innovative fintech like SALPay.”, Paolo
Baltao, Senior Vice President of the EON Banking Group said. “Our EON platform is perfect for
SALPay and will help extend their current capabilities and offering.”

The partnership will enable both SALPay to help distribute the products of EON and Unionbank
as well as allow Unionbank to offer SALPay and its sister company’s product Salarium to it
customers and the entire Philippines.

“Deciding to work with Unionbank was a natural choice. They are the most innovative bank in
the Philippines and have constantly pushed financial technology as its core. Our new offering
with SALPay 3.0 will be a huge leap for financial services and inclusion in the Philippines.
Unionbank ties in perfectly with our new blockchain offering.” said Judah Hirsch, founder and
CEO of Salarium.

“They have put together an incredible fintech group led by Arvie de Vera, that has been
incredibly supportive of this project, our blockchain initiatives and has been instrumental in
helping us.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Judah and the Salarium team to provide their banking
requirements, to enable their platform, to help grow their customer base and deliver superior
customer experience. This will showcase how a fintech and a bank can collaborate towards a
mutually beneficial relationship” said. Mr. de Vera, head of the Unionbank fintech group.

Unionbank is a leading universal bank in the Philippines and was the first bank to offer online
banking in the country, amongst other things. Unionbank is the first bank in the Philippines to
join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and is the Philippines representative bank to the ASEAN
Financial Innovation Network. Unionbank is publicly traded in the Philippines (UBP).

Salarium Payments Corporation is part of the Salarium group of companies. Since 2013
Salarium has been providing payroll and payments solutions. Helping over 500 companies pay
more than 15,000 employees monthly. SALPay is currently completing the ICO and plans to
launch its cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines next year.

SALPay's ICO and whitepaper can be found at
Information provided via press release.