Friday, November 16, 2018

Former Uber and E-Trade executives launching trading platform "Voyager" are giving new users $25 BTC to start off with...

We've been covering developments with the new platform "Voyager" which is set to launch very soon.  Voyager's founders include Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar, as well as early Uber investor Philip Eytan. The company CEO is Stephen Ehrlich, who previously ran the professional trading arm for online stock broker E-Trade.

The Voyager app aims to dominate the cryptocurrency market not by competing with existing exchanges, but by connecting users to them. 

Users will be able to select the coin they want to purchase or trade, then the app goes to work finding the best exchange to buy the coin from for the lowest price, or the best exchange to sell it for, at the highest price.

My first concern with this was "how?".  Well, Not to worry - you won't need to manage having a bunch of coins spread among several exchanges - Voyager just announced a partnership with top universal wallet Ethos - which will provide integrated storage for all of the coins you've traded with Voyager, keeping them in 1 central wallet that you control.

At launch, the app will use a total of 10 exchanges and offer 15 tokens!  The app is in beta testing now, and the official launch is Q4 of this year - just weeks away!

Voyager has been kind enough to reach out and give our readers an exclusive VIP hook up! You can get on the list for early access, and they'll start you off with $25 worth of Bitcoin in your account balance!

To be clear - this isn't an offer for everyone, only readers The Global Crypto Press (if you're here, that's you) and only those signing up on the early access list from here will receive the $25 BTC credit.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
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